Gargi Raychaudhuri

Gargi Raychaudhuri


Discipline Faculty, Furniture & Interior Design

Gargi Raychaudhuri is currently an Associate Faculty with the department of Furniture and Interior Design at NID Ahmedabad campus.

She has been working as a Visiting Faculty since October 2020 at NID – Andhra Pradesh and NID - Bangalore and also successfully offered an Art Therapy module called ‘Art+i: A journey towards healing through Art’ at Open Elective Normative Futures 2021, NID – Ahmedabad Digital Campus.

She has conceptualized, rendered and designed the space hierarchy for the upcoming West Bengal State Design Centre in collaboration with West Bengal Industrial Development Corporation under Integrated Design Services (IDS) of NID. This was her Graduation Project for Master of Design degree in Furniture and Interior Design from National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad in 2020.

She is a trained Madhubani Artist from National Museum, New Delhi. As a folk artist and storyteller, she founded the experimental online art studio called “Artsyhooter” dedicated to storytelling through Indian folk tales. She uses the platform to explore art as a medium of healing and coping with anxiety and stress among like minded peers.

She has also designed and executed a national level exhibition called ‘Ganga- The river of life and eternity’ for the National Museum, Delhi as a part of her Industrial Internship in the Exhibition Cell.

As a voracious reader and avid writer, couple of her short stories, Appa Roopa (Multifaceted Fathers) and Nimma Makkalu Yaava Pustakagalannu Odabeku (Which books your kids should read?) were published in ‘Kannada – Non Fiction’ section by Mythri Publications and Benaka Books Bank.

She believes space is not restricted to tangible four walls but in fact a living and breathing phenomenon comprising of the organic and inorganic elements that function in it. Her academic interests include geometry and structures, systems design, design thinking, design research, design and cultural identity, mental health and well-being through art, rendering cognitive identity to spatial environment and built culture.

She has completed her Bachelor of Architecture from University School of Architecture and Planning, New Delhi in 2016.