Sweety Taur

Sweety Taur


Discipline Faculty, Furniture & Interior Design

Sweety Taur is an engineer turned designer, researcher and educator with key expertise in home and hospitality furniture-spaces & lifestyle products. Experienced with a variety of materials like wood, cane, eco mix, metal, stone and furniture upholstery, she has worked for consumer goods labels across Europe, the USA and South America through manufacturing-export sector industries. She has over 10 years of experience in working as a designer for studios, craft clusters and granting agencies along with teaching-training artisans, professionals, children, and bachelors-masters students.

She believes that labels like “engineer" “educator” and "designer" aren’t boxes to confine one’s practice to, but are interchangeable lenses through which to view problems, solutions, and the world at large. Sweety's design philosophy revolves around bold actions rooted in applied ethics and value-sensitive practice. She has closely worked with craft communities in Rajasthan, leading a three-year project for the Ministry of Minority Affairs, Government of India named USTTAD, which combined research and practice to create valuable resources for researchers, artisans, and local societies.

At NID she teaches material-structure-construction, studio methods, Form-narratives, body conscious design, and critical thinking while focusing on ways to practice plurality and inclusivity through articulating artefacts for real-world design contexts, community co-production, design for value change, and applied ethics in design.

In her threefold role as a designer, researcher and a faculty member in the Department of Furniture and Interior Design at NID Ahmedabad, she explores the intersections of social histories, domesticity in liberalised India, crafts, speculative design, earth building, and ethical-plural-body conscious design through urgent pedagogies, action & research. Sweety is dedicated to creating narratives and artefacts that embody "Designed Disruptions & Expansions”. An avid cook, backpacker and videography enthusiast, she believes she is slowly on her way to becoming a keen “collector of curiosities”.