Tulip Sinha

Tulip Sinha


Co-Head, Centre for Teaching & Learning

Discipline Faculty, Universal Design

Tulip Sinha, is a faculty of the Universal Design discipline at NID Bengaluru.
An Industrial Design graduate, with a specialization in Product Design from NID Ahmedabad, she also holds a Masters’ degree in Design in Education from Srishti Institute of Art, Design & Technology, Bangalore.
She began her design practice in Retail Experience Design with Future Group, Mumbai, following which she moved to working with artisan communities across India. Her practice in Craft and Social Design spanned ethnographic research, scoping exercises, skill training and design development for livelihood generation, across diverse communities, materials and crafts.
Tulip has worked with organizations such as Industree Crafts Foundation, Tripura Bamboo Mission, Maya Organic, AIACA and her independent practice, Folkus Design Interventions. She was also a part of the research team led by NID in partnership with IGNCA that travelled to Assam for documenting the Textile Traditions of North-East India.
Tulip stepped into design education as a full-time educator with Srishti Institute where she worked simultaneously in the Foundation Studies Program, Impact Entrepreneurship Program and Industrial Arts & Design Practices.

She has facilitated contextual inquiry-led, place-based and attunement-led modules and those that fuel the observer-thinker-maker mindset ranging from Design Research, Detailing, Semantics to Frugal Innovation.
As an educator, Tulip likes to work on generating a curious mindset and disposition, while balancing rigour with openness. She is often found borrowing from the proximate, more indigenous contexts, cultures, practices, and knowledge-systems and blending them with the contemporary ones.
To make teaching-learning experiences more palatable, Tulip has developed The Conversation Toolkit and the Tinkerers' Toolkit. These have been presented at international level at the Applied Learning Conference 2018 in Singapore, Insight 2018 and PDC Place 2022, NID Ahmedabad and have been shortlisted as one of the winning entries at the Stories of Transformation of Education Through Design, an event organized by Design Singapore Council, in partnership with the SUTD-MIT International Design Centre.
She takes a keen interest in the performing arts such as Indian classical and folk music, dance and theatre and believes that every educator is a performer with many roles to enact over time.