V Sakthivel

V Sakthivel


Head, Dyeing & Printing Labs

Head, Smart Handloom Centre (Bengaluru Campus)

Discipline Lead, Textile Design

Discipline Faculty, Textile Design

Since 2006, V. Sakthivel has been teaching Fibre and Yarn, Dyeing, Basic weaving and Introduction to Textiles courses at NID. Prior to joining the Faculty Development Programme at NID, Sakthivel finished his diploma in Handloom Technology (1994–97) and thereafter a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. His research interests include design for handloom sector, indigenous Indian cotton, and natural indigo dyeing traditions. Some of Sakthivel’s significant projects include Design Development for Khadi for KVIC, Mumbai (2001); Design Development for Coir and Natural Fibres for Coir Board, Kochi (2002–03); Design Development for Handloom Weavers in Andhra Pradesh, Department of Handlooms and Textiles, Government of Andhra Pradesh (2003–05); and Documentation of Textile Traditions of the North East – Meghalaya, 2011. Has presented a paper on Indigo dyeing and NID, as co-author along with Swasti Singh Ghai and Shilpa Das in November 1997 at a seminar on Indigo, held at IIC, New Delhi.