The Product Design discipline at NID deals with issues related to the design of a wide range of products, services and experiences by providing tangible solutions to the needs of users. As part of the curriculum, students learn to apply basic principles of design, knowledge of ergonomics, materials and manufacturing techniques as well as their own aesthetic sensibilities. These sensibilities are developed and honed through design projects where students are encouraged to design pleasing and user-friendly products which respond to the user’s needs and aspirations.

Issues of varying degrees of complexity and impact are tackled through these design projects where students understand the relevance of research and a user-centric approach in their work. The discipline traverses across a diverse set of concerns and needs and aims to enable students to understand and respond sensitively to a wide variety of user-groups with different physical, economical and emotional needs.

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Mohammed Naim Shaikh


Praveen Nahar


Dr Ranjit Konkar


Sahil Thappa


Shri Shashank Mehta


Vikram Debabrata Mitra





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Design led futures: explores global trends, challenges and opportunities to shape the future. Projects focus on the enormous challenges that India will face in the coming decades in terms of population, health, mobility, sanitation, energy and ecology. Today’s technologies are used as a basis to project the future, and concepts generate frameworks to evolve and guide society and behavior in the future