The Transportation & Automobile Design discipline at NID provides a creative and critical learning space for students to learn to resolve prevailing/future challenges around mobility. With due emphasis on environmental, socio-economic, cultural and aesthetic aspects of personal/mass transportation, the programme offers opportunities for learners to look at ‘mobility’ from product, experience, system and service perspectives and create innovative solutions.

The multi-disciplinary learning environment at NID is complemented by cutting-edge design development facilities to help students conceive, ideate and eventually communicate their design ideas in the best possible manner. The discipline offers opportunities to collaborate with the industry on live projects and workshops, which often gives students a head-start to work as professional designers. While most graduates of the discipline have been successfully employed by the transportation/automobile industry in India, as well as some of the leading design studios abroad, some have transformed into successful entrepreneurs.

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The programme has produced creative talents to join the transportation/automobile industry in India as well as some of the leading design studios abroad, besides successful entrepreneurs.