Panel Discussion | Monday 26th September 5:30 PM 

In 1972 Gautam Sarabhai outlined NID’s educational philosophy in the document "National Institute of Design - Internal Organisation, Structure, and Culture". Marking its fiftieth year, this panel discussion explores the document through diverse perspectives to illuminate its conception and enduring ideas against the backdrop of contemporary challenges in building educational institutions. 

Mana Sarabhai Brearley Architect, silversmith. She started taking courses in silversmithing in 2000 and slowly gave up her architectural work to set up a workshop with some colleagues to concentrate more on making silver objects for use, and silver and gold jewelry. And Michael Brearley former cricketer, lecturer, and psychoanalyst attempting to bring an analytic attitude to cricket and (particularly in his book On Form and Pebbles) to other fields. They are members of Gautam Sarabhai's family and have insight into his intellectual interests and ideas about institution building.

Praveen Nahar Praveen Nahar is the Director of the National Institute of Design (NID) Ahmedabad with its extension campuses in Gandhinagar and Bengaluru. He has also been a faculty member in the Product Design discipline at NID since 2002. His range of academic and professional interests include Systems Thinking in Design, Design Thinking, Sustainable Design/Green Design, Design in the Public Domain, Social Design, Appropriate Technology, and Strategic Design to name a few.

Rachana Johri Professor of Psychology, School of Human Studies, Ambedkar University Delhi, where she teaches Psychology, Psychosocial Studies, and Gender Studies. Her research interest is in the intersection of psychology, gender and culture. She is also interested in teacher-student dynamics in higher education.

Raghavan Rangarajan Dean and Professor at the School of Arts and Sciences, Ahmedabad University. He was on the faculty of the Theoretical Physics Division at the Physical Research Laboratory (PRL), Ahmedabad for over twenty years before joining Ahmedabad University. His areas of research are cosmology and particle physics, and he works primarily on processes that occurred soon after the Big Bang in the very early Universe. Professor Rangarajan has also been interested in working with college students and has been actively involved in programmes that bring together college students and academic researchers.
The panel will be moderated by Suchitra Balasubrahmanyan. She studied Visual Communication at the NID. Her professional design practice has centered on social communication design in rural and urban India. Her doctoral work explored the warp and weft of the local-global contexts of modern design education in India, tracing the flows of ideas and expertise against the backdrop of decolonization and Cold War diplomacy. She is now working on a project with the NID Archives, curating a set of objects that shed light on NID’s journey since its inception in 1962.

The event will take place both online and in person.

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